Hedge Funds January Assets

Hedge Funds January Assets

Investors Allocate $4.5 Bil to Hedge Funds in January

As we noted last week, hedge fund performance dipped slightly in January.  This lowered total hedge fund assets by -0.14% to an estimated $2.038 trillion across the industry.  Investors allocated $4.5 billion to hedge funds in January but, although investor inflows were positive for the eighth month of the last nine, performance brought down assets by $7.27 billion.

Total hedge fund assets decreased -0.14% to an estimated $2.038 trillion, performance losses were the main cause of the reduction.

Investors allocated $4.51 billion to hedge funds in January, performance reduced assets by $7.27 billion resulting in total assets falling $2.76 billion during the month.

Investor flows were positive in January for the eighth month in the last nine. There was a slight outflow in December due to year-end redemption trends.

The Core Growth Rate (% increase in assets due solely to investor flows) was +0.22% in January.

Hedge fund assets are still $900 billion below the peak set in Q2 2008.

Hedge fund performance was negative in January, but the average of all funds outperformed equity markets significantly. Poor returns from commodity and equity focused funds more than offset positive returns from funds focusing on fixed income and FX markets.   Source

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