Hedge Fund $1000 Minimum Investment

Hedge Fund $1000 Minimum

Hedge Fund Opens with $1,000 Minimum Investment

A new hedge fund is aimed at middle and low-income investors which could be a popular option in this economic recession.  Sarah Bernett, a young attorney, opened the Bernett Diversified Global Fund January 1st with just a $1,000 minimum investment.  Bernett's fund has raised $30,050 so far with a goal of making $500,000. 
Bernett, a litigator with seven years experience, last year founded a hedge fund advisory, Bernett Capital Management. On Jan. 1, she founded a hedge fund of her own, catering to low- and middle-income individuals with an “unprecedented minimum investment of $1,000.” But—taking a page from Bulldog Investors founder Phil Goldstein’s playbook—she’s not saying anything more “due to outdated securities laws predicated on the false theory that non-wealthy investors are too stupid to comprehend financial information and act in their best interests.”
According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bernett Diversified Global Fund has raised $30,050 from four non-accredited investors. Bernett aims to attract $500,000 for the fund, which is registered at Bernett’s apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The fund's prime broker is listed as online brokerage TD Ameritrade.
The global macro fund charges 2% for management. The SEC filing does not disclose a performance fee.  Source

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