Mostly Free Hedge Fund Webinars

Mostly Free Hedge Fund Webinars

Just 4 days ago we announced our first free webinar, we were expecting 70-100 participants and now we have over 1,500 who have registered for the event. Many professionals have emailed us about what additional webinars we will be offering.

Here is what we have planned for 2010:

  • Family Office Insights - What is unique about family offices and how to implement a campaign marketing to them as potential investors
  • Emerging Manager Roadmap Series - Webinars on growing an emerging hedge fund manager business with guest experts
  • Hedge Fund Launch Kit - Covering 14 aspects on how to start your hedge fund business
  • Hedge Fund Marketing Pro - Webinars on legal considerations in marketing hedge funds, copywriting for capital raising, multi-modality marketing campaigns, Investor CRM, and more.

What will the webinars they cost? We are planning on offering:

  • Free webinars from time to time that are open to the general public
  • Many niche subject webinars which will be restricted only to Hedge Fund Premium members (which is free with CHP Designation membership)
  • A few paid webinars which will cost $97 or less 

We sometimes get asked what our “agenda” is while offering free webinars. Here is our upfront honest motivation to providing free webinars, this blog, and the free e-book:

  • In the future we will be releasing educational video, audio, and workbook programs for hedge fund startups, emerging managers looking to grow, hedge fund marketers, and those looking to work more closely with family offices. Providing free content and webinars lets us develop this content while providing constant feedback on what to improve before trying to sell anything. 
  • If we can add value by providing these free resources to 100,000 professionals a year our hope is that 1,000 of these professionals may eventually become clients within our training and educational programs or capital raising resources.
  • By providing so much free content we get massive feedback on exactly what challenges hedge fund principals, marketers, analysts, traders, and students are facing in turn allowing us to address those challenges within the resources we provide and articles we write.
  • Finally, doing business with people who appreciate all you have already given them is much more fun than cold calling (which I did in a past life)
Thanks to everyone for your support and hopefully I will see you inside one of our webinars later this year. Take care.  

- Richard 

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