Hedge Funds November 2009

Hedge Funds Assets November

Hedge Fund Asset Flows in November 2009

As we mentioned last week, hedge fund assets passed the $2 trillion mark in November, showing how the industry has been able to recover after many investors withdrew from funds in 2008.  Last month total assets rose 3.39% although assets are still below the peak in the second quarter of 2008. 

Here are some key statistics on increasing hedge fund assets in November 2009:
  • Total assets increased 3.39% to $2.037 trillion. Assets were last above $2 trillion in November 2008.
  • Investors allocated $26.3 billion to hedge funds in November, performance increased assets an additional $40.5 billion
  • Investor flows were positive in November for the 7th consecutive month.
  • During the 7 months of consecutive investor inflows, $119.91 billion has been allocated to hedge funds.
  • The Core Growth Rate (% increase in assets due solely to investor flows) increased to 1.33% November. The rate of growth has risen two consecutive months.
Here are some interesting trends on where the assets were allocated to last month:

  • Fixed income investments outpaced equities in November, after lagging the two prior months.
  • Investments in commodity strategies were in line with overall industry growth.
  • Flows to corporate bond related strategies turned slightly negative in November.
  • Fixed income arbitrage strategies had the fastest rate of inflow in November.
  • Allocations into emerging markets slowed for the second straight month, but were in line with overall industry growth.  Source

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