Richard Wilson's Background

Richard Wilson's Background

My name is Richard Wilson and my background is in capital raising and working with hedge fund managers.  My career in the industry started in 2002 when I completed a project completing leading indicator trading research for a German-based hedge fund.  My job was to analyze the correlation and relationship between the currencies and commodities of Japan, New Zealand and Australia.  It was through this first project that I began to learn about how hedge funds operate and invest on a macro level.    After that I worked in risk management and capital raising consulting roles for several years and then moved to Boston to work for a third party marketing firm, a capital raising group serving fund of hedge fund managers, hedge funds, and long only optimization shops.  Within this role I grew from raising less than $100k/week to raising $2-4M/week on average and I picked up techniques and methods which work through making mistakes myself, watching others, reading about sales best practices.

In June of 2008 I decided to step back and stop raising capital hands-on and start helping other managers raise capital.  Here is why:
  1. In a third party marketing role I can raise capital directly for 2-4 fund managers at any one time but I am asked for help from literally thousands of managers each year.  Serving just a handful of those when many needed help did not seem like the right answer.
  2. My websites on hedge funds, capital raising, and family offices were now getting over 8,000 pageviews a day and I was getting over 150 emails each day from site visitors
  3. I had learned a lot through my trial and error and previous consulting work, and I wanted to develop a platform through which to share that knowledge.
The result was the creation of a line of tools and resources to help train professionals and assist managers in raising capital on a broad scale.  Our team created the first online training and certification program exclusively for hedge funds - the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation Program.  We then came out with our investor database products, where we provide contact details for valuable investor types to fund managers.  During this process our blogs and websites continued to grow in popularity and membership within our free-to-join Hedge Fund Group grew to 30,000 members.  This led us to develop 14 additional hedge fund industry tools and resources as a premium membership option for the Hedge Fund Group, these were released through our new website: Hedge Fund

Our organization now meets face-to-face with over 350 hedge fund managers a year, we receive well over 2 million visitors to our websites each year, and we provide hedge fund training, capital raising tools, and solutions to over 1,500 clients each year.

Each winter I move to Brazil for 2-4 months to meet with fund managers, hold networking events and create new capital raising tools.  I will be staying in Sao Paulo, Brazil during most of my visit and if you would like to meet with us for lunch, a networking event, or to discuss your capital raising efforts please let us know. Our goal is to constantly collect feedback on capital raising challenges of fund managers so that we can continue to develop methods, tools, techniques and resources to help double our client's capital raising results.

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