More Free Hedge Fund Resources & Reports: 60,000 Downloads of the Free Hedge Fund Blog Book To Date

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We gave away around 10,000 copies of our e-book before we started tracking the downloads, and since tracking started we have had 60,000 downloads of the Hedge Fund Blog Book.

The book has served its first purpose, to land a book deal with Wiley to write a "real" book on hedge funds.  As I complete that project we are gearing up to completely re-do and expand this free e-book resource.  The next version will have decided sections to capital raising, starting a fund, growing a career in the industry, etc.

Since we know another 60,000 professionals will probably download this next version of the e-book we really can invest our time in making this resource worth hundreds of dollars to help benefit readers and help us grow more relationships.  Please feel free to suggest anything that would specifically help you build your hedge fund, business, or career.

If you are one of the professionals who has downloaded this book could you tell us what didn't work? What was bad about the book? What we could do a better job on this next time around?  Should it be in audio form as well?  Please send your input in to Richard at

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