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Martin Curie Hedge Funds

Martin Curie: Hedge Fund Inflows at Pre-Crisis Levels

Good news at Martin Currie, the firm says its clients are investing their money in its hedge funds at levels not seen since before the financial crisis of the past 2 years. Martin Currie, which manages $1.2 billlion, had seen massive outflows totaling $300 billion from October to June; but impressive returns by many hedge funds in 2009 have brought back investors.

Martin Currie's Japan hedge fund rose 0.8 percent last year and has gained 15 percent so far this year, according to documents obtained by Reuters.

Its Global Resources fund fell 10.2 percent last year and has risen 8.6 percent this year, while its China fund fell 14.4 percent last year and is up 18.6 percent so far this year.

Sowerby said Martin Currie saw net flows turn positive in February and said investors who had pulled out assets last year were returning to hedge funds.

The firm is also winning new business from institutions looking for more control and visibility from portfolios via so-called managed accounts -- separate accounts where investors own the assets rather than units in a fund and can sell assets when they wish.

Sowerby said around 50 percent of Martin Currie's hedge fund assets were held via managed accounts, and he expects this proportion to grow. Source

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