Hedge Fund Blog Book Success

Hedge Fund Blog Book Success

Hedge Fund Blog Book Downloaded 50,000+ Times

We have reached an impressive milestone: the Hedge Fund Blog Book has been downloaded more than 50,000 times by hedge fund professionals. The Hedge Fund Blog Book is a free educational book based on 400+ articles I have written on hedge funds. It includes detailed how-to articles, interviews, book reviews, trend analytics, performance insights and strategy explanations.

I wrote this book because there are very few (if any) books that offer a comprehensive and straight-forward overview of hedge funds. And those few hedge fund books are usually pretty expensive which can be a significant obstacle for MBA students or young professionals. I provide this book for free because I believe in doing business through giving value first and building long-term relationships more than collecting $2 royalties off of book sales.

If you have not already downloaded this book, please visit Hedge Funds Book to get your free copy. By submitting your name and e-mail address you will receive this access in either MS Word or PDF format. I frequently edit sections of this book to make it even more valuable to the readers, so check back later for updates.

Many readers have told me that this book has been instrumental in learning more about the industry. As one reader says, "I just wanted to say that the "Hedge Fund Blog Book" is simply fantastic. The flow and the contents are highly helpful and this helps to understand the basics and also the current market trends in the Hedge Fund industry. Thanks & regards, Jegadish."

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