Hedge Fund Transparency Regulation

Hedge Fund Transparency Regulation

SEC Hints at Regulation Increasing Hedge Fund Transparency

U.S. regulators are hesitant to impose any drastic rules on the hedge fund industry, as hedge funds post impressive results in 2009 signaling the beginnings of a recovery.  Security and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Shapiro did say that she hopes to bring in a bit more transparency to the industry but it is far from the worst-case scenario some hedge funds have been bracing for. 
If Congress, as is expected, requires hedge funds to register with the agency, the SEC will in turn require “some level of public reporting,” Schapiro told a conference at Georgetown University on Friday. But the public shouldn’t expect to get the same peek at what hedge funds are doing as regulators will.

Schapiro said she is “very aware of the tension” hedge funds feel about greater disclosure, fearing that it will give their competitors a leg up. So instead of demanding detailed public disclosures, she said the SEC will seek “fairly detailed reporting to regulators and some level of public reporting to investors.”  Source

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