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Below please find information on a short selling tool by Sungard, a supporter of

SunGard’s “Short Side”
, service allows subscribers to gauge daily short sentiment and get a better handle on the current retail rates in the marketplace.

During a time when anything can happen on a given day, it simply is not enough to view short interest only twice a month. With Short Side, an accurate proxy for short interest (securities lending activity) is available on a daily basis, ensuring that you stay ahead of the short side of the market. Portfolio Managers, investment managers, traders and analysts currently use our Short Side data in a variety of ways, including predicting short squeezes, identifying long term holds, short selling opportunities, and for volatility trading.

Short Side Offers:
  • Data covering 110+ countries
  • Covers all asset classes
  • Available next day (T+1), quicker than anywhere else in the market today
  • No requirement to disclose your positions
  • Coverage of approximately 70% of the global short market
  • Inventory of 200,000+ securities, with 30,000 on loan at any one time
  • Indicates Implied Retail Rates
  • Can be delivered via the web application or by a secure data download
  • DAILY back history available for testing
  • Competitively priced
For more information please contact Richard Allin at or +1-646-445-1182.

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