Hedge Fund Marketing Speech | Practical Tips

Hedge Fund Marketing | Practical Tips

A few weeks ago I completed my speech on “5 Best Practices for Hedge Fund Marketing” at the Marcus Evans Fund of Hedge Fund Summit in Boca Raton, Florida. I got connected with some quality hedge fund contacts and ran into a few followers of our sites as well.

Below please find some of the most useful practical fund marketing tips that I suggested during my speech, the full video recording of the speech along with the PowerPoint will be available as part of the training materials within the Hedge Fund Group’s hedge fund certification program within the Level 2 Module on Marketing & Sales.
  1. Focus on Building Authority above all else: The power of true authority within an industry trickles down and puts other influential factors into motion which help you develop valuable relationships
  2. Move the Free Line: Give away your best ideas within press inquiries, books, interviews, articles, white papers and videos
  3. Diverse Investor Case Studies: Have at least two case studies of investors choosing to place capital with your firm for each of the major distribution channels you are focusing on raising capital from. For example have six total case studies if 90% of your efforts are focused on family offices, wealth management firms, and HNW individual selling.
  4. The 4 P’s of Marketing Materials: Focus on Pedigree, Process (USP), Portfolio Risk, and Presentation Quality
Learn more by reviewing our Hedge Fund Marketing & Sales Guide

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