Bad News

Bad News

We have some bad news, as has expanded over the past few years our tools have grown larger, deeper and more time-consuming to maintain. At the same time our firm has brought on a few additional staff members to help us keep offering networking events and premium-only resources but it hasn't been enough to keep up with the 150,000 email inquiries we now receive each year.

At the same time the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) has expanded to over 25,000 members and our online blog readership is at over 1.5 million pageviews each quarter and while we appreciate the following, keeping up with the email and phone call communications is too much for our limited team.

Our solution is to launch a premium version of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG). This solution will offer a weekly video summary of the news, bi-monthly networking events, a hedge fund salary calculator, a library of premium original videos created by our team, a career workbook, a guide to raising capital for hedge funds, and hedge fund business tools and resources. The first 1,000 professionals can join for just $1 for the first month in return for some feedback on what else we could add to make this service worth far more than the small monthly subscription of $27. Please stay tuned for more details and networking event announcements.

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Hedge Fund Liquidations

Hedge Fund Liquidations

Hedge Fund Launches Rise & Liquidations Drop

The hedge fund industry is flush with money compared to last year, leading to many new hedge fund startups. While it was very difficult to raise the capital for new funds during 2008, an estimated $2 billion has been raised for 8 new hedge funds. Hedge funds are also trying to accommodate investors with fewer multi-year lock-up periods, lower fees and cash redemptions.

The number of hedge fund liquidations is falling significantly by about 50%. Hedge fund researcher Kenneth Heinz says that the rise in new hedge funds and the drop in liquidations this year is consistent with investors' increasing appetite for risk after a historic low in the industry. 200 of the 376 liquidations were fund-of-funds showing a consolidation in the industry. The following video explains these trends:

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Hedge Fund Gold

Hedge Fund Gold

Hedge Fund Managers Buy Gold

U.S. hedge fund managers are looking to protect their personal wealth from inflation by investing in gold. A survey showed that 20 out of 22 U.S. hedge fund managers surveyed have bought gold in their personal investing based on worries that the government's quantitative easing program would drive prices up.

Gold was seen as a safe haven asset during the financial crisis, as many investors considered it a less risky investment than stocks and shares.

As the economic outlook improves gold is also being bought as a hedge against inflation, which analysts say may soar as the economy recovers. A Federal Reserve report this week said the pace of the recession slowed or stabilized in most areas of the United States.

"Everyone agreed that sentiment is better than it was a few months ago, but none of the structural problems have yet been fixed. Double-digit inflation two or three years down the line is a very real possibility," Jeremy Charlesworth, chief investment officer at Moonraker said. Source

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Family Office Firms & Services | Industry Resource

Family Office Wealth Management

Looking to learn more about Family Office Wealth Management? The Family Offices Group is part of our H Media Group investment blog network, and this website is dedicated to providing hundreds of free-to-access educational videos, articles, interviews, and industry statistics on the topics of Ultra High Net Worth Wealth Management and Family Offices. They are well known for providing these educational resource and the Family Offices Database and as of last month they are now the #1 most highly visited website on the topic of family offices. Here are links to 50 of their top resources:
  1. Family Office Services
  2. Hedge Fund of Funds by Family Offices
  3. Family Office Marketing
  4. Family Office Profiles
  5. Family Office Wealth Management
  6. Family Office Industry
  7. Private Banking and Wealth Management
  8. Insti-Individual Investment Consulting
  9. Virtual Family Offices
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  31. Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation
  32. Jobs at Hedge Funds
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  38. The Cost of Being Wealthy
  39. Philanthropic Giving

The Family Offices Group also is building a series of profiles on family office and UHNW wealth management firms, here are links to these resources:
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Hedge Fund Startup Investors Nervous

Hedge Fund Startup Investors Nervous

Investors Nervous to Work with Hedge Fund Startups

Hedge funds seem to be on the return after an impressive second quarter, but investors are still nervous and that may be a big problem for smaller hedge funds. In a still uncertain market, investors will likely turn toward proven hedge funds with the most diversified strategies.

The hedge fund industry remains shakey and needs to string together a series of quarters of stable returns to soothe investors’ nerves. There is also a flight to qualilty. Nervy types would prefer to invest with larger firms that have diversified trading strategies. In a highly-fragmented and over-populated industry, such firms will be the likely winners, especially as they can also better afford to attract money back through lower fees. US hedge fund Fortress is already considering gobbling up competitors. The big boys are about to come out and play. Smaller funds need to watch out. Source

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13F Analysis of Pennant Capital

Pennant Capital Management

Below please find a 13F analysis report for Pennant Capital Management for Q1 2009. 13F analyses are reports that fund managers with over $100M are required to submit to the SEC, they are publicly available and these reports provide us with some insights on what some hedge fund managers have been investing in.

Pennant Capital is a New Jersey based hedge fund founded in 1992 by Alan Fournier, who formerly was responsible for global equity investments for Appaloosa Management

• (ADBE)Adobe systems
• (ANF) Abercrombie & Fitch Co
• (AYE) Allegheny
• (CF) CF Holdings Corp
• (DVA) Davita Inc
• (EXC) Exelon Corp
• (FCL) Foundation Coal holdings
• (MSFT) Microsoft
• (NRG) Nrg energy
• (PHH)PHH Corporation
• (TDG) Transdigm Group Incorporated
• (UNP)Union Pacific Corp
• (WLP) Wellpoint
•(WLT) Walter Industries

Using the TickerSpy portfolio analysis tool the graph to the left was created showing the approximate equity performance for Pennant Capital Management over the previous six months. According to this analysis Pennant Capital Management equity picks have been overperforming against the S & P 500 recently

The top 5 highest performing equities which for Pennant Capital Management held as of this 13F filing include (ADBE), (FCL), (NRG), (WLT), () and (MSFT)

According to AlpaClone data on for Pennant Capital Management 13% of their equity portfolio is invested within the Energy sector. The total equity value of for Pennant Capital Management is 225M+, their total number of reported holdings is 56, and over 38% of the market value of this portfolio is represented within the top 10 holdings.

For more information on for Pennant Capital Management please see the Hedge Fund Tracker Profile on for Pennant Capital Management by clicking here.

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