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I am preparing for two speeches this week, one at the Marcus Evans Fund of Hedge Funds conferences in Boca Raton on June 15th and one for the TAAAP Hedge Fund Startup Panel in New York City on June 18th. In doing so I am trying to come up with the most common or critical questions that $1M-$900M hedge fund managers have on hedge fund marketing and hedge fund startups.

I have posted a few of the most common questions I have received below, but are there 3-5 pieces of information, advice or questions which you wish would be covered at one of these two events? Is there something you would like to hear talked about more within the areas of either hedge fund marketing, raising capital or starting a new fund?

If you do have a few points which we should be covering at these events please email your comments in to Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org. Below are some of the common questions I receive which will be covered at these two events:
  • What is the best way to approach raising capital from wealth management firms and financial advisors?
  • How should we look to work with family office wealth management firms?
  • Investors want long track records and $100M+ in assets before investing but we cannot get there until a few try us out and help us get up to that size, what do we do?
  • Do you know how to obtain seed capital for our hedge fund?
  • What channels of investors should we invest our time in pursuing at different asset levels?
  • How can I tell one prime brokerage firm from the rest? We are a small fund and we don't want to work with four different prime brokerage firms at once.
  • How can we get the attention of third party marketers and larger third party marketing firms to help us raise capital? Most that we speak to want $80-$100M and a 5 year plus track record before they will help us, but at that point we probably will not need their help.

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