Proposed Regulations Within the European Union

Proposed Regulations Within the EU

Below is an excerpt from a recent Bloomberg article describing how potential regulations within the European Union may affect the largest hedge fund managers in the region:
Hedge fund managers with the largest 15 percent of portfolios in the European Union would have to report risks, debts and trading activities to regulators under a draft proposal to tighten oversight after the financial crisis.

The EU’s executive agency in Brussels is weighing plans to regulate “alternative investment fund managers” who oversee at least 250 million euros ($333 million). The measure also covers private-equity buyout firms.

Focusing on the biggest managers would bring 76 percent of EU hedge fund assets under scrutiny, following calls from the Group of 20 nations to oversee funds large enough to put financial markets at risk. The measure, which still may be changed before it is formally proposed, may face resistance from lawmakers who have demanded rules covering all funds. source

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