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Paineiras Hedge FIM

Paineiras Hedge FIM Hedge Fund Tracker

Below please find the Hedge Fund Tracker profile for Paineiras Hedge FIM:

Resource #1: (4.13.09) Theodoro Messa’s Paineiras Hedge FIM hedge fund beat 96 percent of its peers this year on bets Brazilian bond yields will fall as the central banks slashes borrowing costs to shore up Latin America’s largest economy.

Messa is buying bonds and avoiding stocks because the global recession will persist longer than investors expect, requiring Brazilian policy makers to deepen interest rate cuts, he said. He predicts zero economic growth for Brazil in 2009.

“Growth is the problem around the world right now; it’s not inflation,” said Messa in an interview from Paineiras Investimentos’ office in Rio de Janeiro. “Market expectation for rates are too high across the board.” source

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