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I went out to a Moroccan restaurant last night with a few investors and business professionals. The general sentiment on their side of the table was that "hedge funds are dead." I disagreed, the number of fund startups, the need for more skilled asset management and the regulation of banks who traditionally held prop desks all point in favor of the hedge fund industry.

Embedded below is a recent video on the current hedge fund industry. The videos view of the industry is line with my own - I believe that the opportunities within the industry are greater than ever before. Assets are at low levels and many investors have very significant allocations waiting for the right managers and timing to allocate those funds. A recent survey showed that many institutional investors are wanting to soon re-allocate back into the hedge fund industry.

The video also confirms that the myth of pension funds and endowments moving away from hedge funds is false. Many endowments and foundations are not only going back to hedge funds, but they are looking to increase allocations. If you are one of the 5,000+ professionals viewing this article through our daily Hedge Fund Newsletter please click here to view the embedded video below.

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