Australian Hedge Fund Manager Performance

Australian Hedge Fund Performance

Australian Hedge Fund Manager PerformanceHere is a short article excerpt about how hedge funds have recently outperformed in Australia:

Australian hedge funds returned an average 2.1 percent in March, beating the 1.3 percent profit of their global peers.

The Australian Fund Monitors Index, which tracks the performance of more than 200 hedge funds managed from within the country, rebounded from a 1.6 percent drop in February, according to a report by Australian Fund Monitors based on 42 percent of the funds reporting. The S&P/ASX 200 Index jumped 7.1 percent in March while the MSCI World Index advanced 7.2 percent.

“It’s inevitable that in a really strong up market you lose some of your upside because your short positions cost you money,” said Chris Gosselin, chief executive officer of the Sydney-based industry researcher. “Hedge funds tend to produce a smoother return pattern.” source

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