When There is Blood On The Hedge Fund Streets

Blood on the Streets

Blood On The Hedge Fund Streets

While the economic conditions have shut down many funds and exposed fraudulent activity it has also created a unique set of opportunities for a small subset of traders and portfolio managers within the industry. The hedge fund and private equity industries are as entrepreneurial as ever.

In Q1 2009 there are hundreds of New York and London based hedge funds being started to take advantage of high volatility, historically low asset prices, and relatively cheap talent hungry for a fresh start. Many of these young hedge funds and private equity groups are not yet on the radar of institutional databases or mainstream media outlets but by Q3 and Q4 of 2009 they will be, and we will be able to see how many funds have been started around the world. I believe these figures will be high and will spur even more startup activity as others move to seize the current market opportunities.

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