Where are Prime Brokerage Firms Located?

Where are Prime Brokers Located?

Where are Prime Brokers Located?Question: I am looking to work with a local prime brokerage firm, do you know where most of them are located?

Answer: Within a recent survey of prime brokerage firms I found some interesting statistics on prime brokerage firms. Here are the numbers:
  • 74% of firms were based within the United States
  • 13% in London
  • 3% in Canada
  • 2% in France
  • 2% in Poland
  • 2% in India
  • 2% in Russia
  • 2% in Germany
I found the Russia, Germany and France numbers to be surprising. I was also surprised that Asian countries didn’t break 2-4% of this list. Perhaps this has to do with regulations and fund structures and terms used within that area of the world. These statistics were taken from the recently published 2009 Preqin Global Hedge Fund Investor Book.

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