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Prime Brokerage Training

Prime Brokerage Training | Top 10 Resources

Prime Brokerage Training( Several months ago I was building a list of hedge fund training resources. I send out a blog post on the topic and received over 40 additional groups which offered some type of hedge fund related training service. This was very helpful in building a list which would benefit everyone who visits this site, the list may be seen here: Hedge Fund Training.

The reason I'm writing this post today is that I'm looking for the top 10 resources for prime brokerage training. What are the top 10 ways a prime brokerage professional could re-invest in themselves and growth their career? Here is the start of a list:
  1. Purchase the book Hedge Funds & Prime Brokers
  2. Join 385 others and become a member of the the Prime Brokerage Association networking group here.
  3. Attend conferences and events specifically on prime brokerage, trading and counter-party risk management (Anyone have a list of those groups who offer these?)
  4. More ideas?
I would like to flush out this list so we that this site and can offer a full top 10 prime brokerage training options list. Thank you in advance for the help.

The Prime Brokerage Association (PBA) is a 800 person strong networking organization focused on the hedge fund prime brokerage industry. The Prime Brokerage Association provides free-to-access articles and resources to prime brokerage professionals, serves a source of inter-industry networking and works to improve the overall image of the prime brokerage industry to the general public.

To Join the PBA Click Here

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