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Capital Introduction Services for Funds

Capital Introduction Services for FundsQuestion: What are capital introductions services? Should our firm be using them? We are based in Miami, any help would be appreciated.

Answer: I recently found a detailed answer to this question within the Preqin Global Hedge Fund Investor book:
Capital introduction is the service whereby the prime broker attempts to introduce its hedge fund clients to qualified hedge fund investors who have an interest in exploring new opportunities to make hedge fund investments. Some prime brokers will offer a physical capital introduction service arranging meetings and events where the managers are able to meet investors. Others will apartner with a third party marketer or offer a particular marketing plan to hedge fund managers who have not attempted to raise assets before. This service is popular with hedge fund managers and can lead to new business for the prime brokerage firm.
My background is in capital raising and I am now associated with a prime brokerage firm which offers capital introduction services. If you are looking for prime brokerage or capital introduction services please get in touch with our team and we will help as we can.

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