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Below is a short piece on a recent family office merger. I believe these will increase in frequency as highly profitable leaders within this industry look to re-invest cash in smaller family offices. In many cases smaller family offices could use best practice processes, centralized due diligence and manager selection services of the larger family offices. Here is the article excerpt:

Multi-family office Stonehage Group has announced the merger of TriAlpha, its asset management arm, with ACP Partners to create a combined business owned 50:50 by the two groups that will be known initially as ACP TriAlpha and has some USD2.5bn in assets under management.

Founded in 1997, TriAlpha is an asset management house with an absolute return bias that manages a range of multi-manager hedge funds, multi-asset class funds and direct securities products for clients including institutions and high net worth families.

London-based ACP was founded in 2001 by Joseph Sassoon, former founder and head of Goldman Sachs' European private wealth management business, and Alok Oberoi, who was head of Goldman's Asian private wealth management business and subsequently chief operating officer of global private wealth management in New York. Brett Lankester, the former head of private wealth management for Goldman in the UK, joined ACP in 2007. source

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