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Questions on Hedge Funds

Audio Clip on Hedge Funds

( Many questions about hedge funds revolve around their definition, the scope of their investments and whether private corporations or real estate groups could ever possibly access capital from hedge fund managers. Last night I found a short audio file which clearly explains what a hedge fund is.

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Below is a short excerpt from the beginning of this audio clip:

Steve Chiotakis: Reports this morning are that Raymius Capital will close four of its hedge funds worth more than a half-billion dollars. So let's talk about hedge funds. Or is that hedge hog? Seems like when everything's going south on any given trading day, hedge funds are partly to blame. Selling off stocks and all to meet those margin calls before the closing bell.

But, "Steve" you ask. "What are hedge funds?" Time to whip out the Marketplace Decoder. Here's Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman.

Mitchell Hartman: First, the textbook answer. A hedge fund is a private partnership that pools money from wealthy individuals, pension funds, corporations, and the like, and invests it to make a profit. Because the fund is private, it doesn't have to report how much it earns, or what it's holding, to financial regulators. source

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