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Julian Robertson

Julian Robertson Interview Video

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Below is a short video with Julian Robertson. If you are viewing this post via my daily hedge fund newsletter please click here to view it on my website now.

Some quotes from this video:

“America is a like a family who over-spent for years.. has to de-lever itself.. take a long, long time for that to be completed.. I look for a long tough period for the American people”

“I am not positioned long… I am short personally quite a bit”

“So far I don’t think we had the blow to the economy that will eventually obviously come from the wealth devastation that’s occured the last several months”

“General de-leveraging will be a strain on the economy for a long time”

On Google: “(Market) throwing the high multiple stocks out with the bath water. I look to take further advantage of that.”

On Baidu: “Baidu is a fantastic company that has great potential in China. Their market cap is a tiny fraction of Googles. Their potential is probably equal or greater. A case of a stock that will have terrific growth and will be recognized in the years ahead.

Hat tip to earnings breakout for finding the video and pulling out the quotes.

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