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Resource #1: (11.2.08) Eucalyptus Investment has launched a fund of hedge funds that takes a laid-back approach to thematic investing in underlying managers.

According to the Zurich, Switzerland-based firm, the Eucalyptus Relax Fund uses a macro approach to invest and identify what it believes will be the most lucrative investment themes over the coming years. The fund boasts a roster of between 10 and 20 underlying managers in the commodities, infrastructure, emerging markets, healthcare, new technologies and energies spaces.

Relax also employs a systematic trading model that buys exchange-traded funds when share prices are rising and takes short positions to generate positive returns when stock markets are falling.

In it first two months of trading, the fund is up 1.78%. It actually enjoyed a strong September, gaining 3.2% while most hedge funds were posting losses.

The firm said the two big waves that had a large impact on the fund in September were the dramatic sell-off of clean technology stocks and the huge drop in the Russian stock market. Read More...

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