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Emmanuel Roman

Emmanuel Roman GLG Partners | Notes

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Resource #1: Emmanuel Roman, of GLG Partners, said 25pc-30pc of the world’s 8,000 hedge funds would disappear “in a Darwinian process”, either going bust or deciding meager profits are not worth their efforts.

“This will go down in the history books as one of the greatest fiascos of banking in 100 years,”

But I’m not really sure why. Hedge funds haven’t caused any of the current problems, indeed, many of them, by going short, have reduced the size of the bubble and thus the subsequent crash.

“There need to be some scapegoats, and the regulators are going to go hunt people. Now that is certainly true, and hedge funds most certainly are going to be one of the prime suspects to be those scapegoats. But there’s no good reason why they should be.

Hedge funds are simply investment vehicles, ones that by restricting themselves to only taking investments from sophisticated investors are able to do things that mutual funds and unit trusts cannot because of regulation. They can go short, invest in different classes, commodities, bonds, shares, as they wish.

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