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Stanley Fink - Career Moves

Stanley FinkSuch timing. As capitalism teeters, Stanley Fink, doyen of the hedge-fund managers, is back. Just two months after retiring from Man Group, the world’s biggest listed hedge-fund firm, he has re-emerged as chief executive of International Standard Asset Management (Isam), a much smaller hedge-fund firm. Has he scented an opportunity?

“Oh, the timing is just coincidental,” he says, in his gently avuncular manner, sitting in his new office in London’s Kensington. “I had known the principals of Isam for a long time through my charity work. I had been approached by a lot of hedge funds offering me roles, but I remembered how much I enjoyed transforming a small business, the buzz of knowing all the people . . .”

There are no short responses from Fink. Careful and deliberate, he worries away at answers with the same analytical persistence that helped transform Man from a faceless commodities trader into a hedge-fund leviathan. It’s the underlying style of his philanthropy, too. Fink, 51, is as well known for what he gives away as what he makes. He donates a fifth of what he earns — £16m from Man in 2006 — and since he suffered a close brush with death from a brain tumour four years ago, he seems to have ramped up his giving. More......

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