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Prime Brokerage Hedge Fund AdministrationMore prime brokerage firms are adding on administration services to help attract and retain clients. I wasn't sure how widespread of a trend this was but saw this mentioned within an article yesterday as noted below. I would be interested in discussing this further with hedge fund managers reading this article - if you have some insight -

In recent years, the custodian banks that have acquired hedge fund administrators have sought to adjust client lists in favor of larger and more profitable hedge fund and fund of funds groups interested in a broader array of services. At the same time, prime brokers have recognized that providing administration services can help attract and retain clients and counter the shift among hedge fund managers towards multiple prime brokerage.

"It would be surprising if the hedge fund administration industry continues to support such a large number of providers, and there is now evidence that a renewed round of consolidation is in the offing," says Dominic Hobson. "However, the appetite to sell may be offset as well as encouraged by the depressed prices available. In any event, the buyers are likely to be different from the banks which dominated the acquisition process in the early years of this century." Read more...

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