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Ospraie Management LLCBelow are details on Ospraie Management surrounding the closing of their largest fund - this includes a letter to their investors, a list of the securities they were said to be invested in and more. I think the quote below from Moonraker below explains in simple (maybe too simple) terms what happened to Opraie.

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Ospraie Management LLC may be the latest casualty from price swings in natural gas, the commodity responsible for the $1.9 trillion hedge-fund industry's biggest blowup with Amaranth Advisors LLC.

New York-based Ospraie told investors on 9.2.08 that it will close its biggest hedge fund after losing 38.6 percent this year on bad bets on commodity stocks. Holdings in natural gas-related companies made up almost a fifth of Ospraie's investments at the end of June, before the commodity's price dropped 41 percent.

Thanks to John Lee, here is a letter from Ospraie Management to their investors:

“The losses were primarily cause by a substantial sell-off in a number of energy, mining, and resource equity holdings during a six-week period characterized by some of the sharpest declines in these sectors in the past ten to twenty years. As the Fund’s performance deteriorated, we made the decision – despite continued confidence in the Fund’s positions – to reduce and de-lever the portfolio significantly due to concern of incurring even greater potential losses.”

“After nine years of striving to be a good steward of your capital, I am very sorry for this outcome.”

According to SEC filings as reported from one site here is a list of the securities that Ospraie did or does owned:
  • AA
  • ACI
  • BHI
  • CMZ
  • CPN
  • CYT
  • EJ
  • GST
  • IP
  • LEN
  • NRG
  • SEB
  • VRS
  • WCC
  • XTO
XTO Energy Inc., a U.S. natural gas and oil producer, was Ospraie's biggest holding, accounting for 13 percent of its assets, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from June 30. XTO, along with Gastar Exploration Ltd., a gas exploration company in which Ospraie was the third-largest investor, and Compton Petroleum Corp., a Canadian gas company, fell by about a third in the past two months.

``With natural gas I sometimes feel there's a game of Russian roulette going on,'' said Jeremy Charlesworth, founder of London-based Moonraker Fund Management Ltd., which runs a commodities fund of hedge funds. ``Natural gas goes through these periods where it goes up two or three times and fortunes are made. And every time it collapses, fortunes are lost and there's a casualty.'' Read more...

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