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Top Banks in the US

Top Banks in the US

List of 30 Top Banks in America

I just found this list of the top 30 banks in America. I know it is slightly outdated but I get requests for lists of top us or global banks so I just wanted to throw this out there as a resource. Hope this helps, let me know if you have a better list to share with everyone.

Rank Name (city, state) Consolidated
1. Citigroup (New York, N.Y.) $2,199,848
2. Bank of America Corp. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1,743,478
3. J. P. Morgan Chase & Company (Columbus, Ohio) 1,642,862
4. Wachovia Corp. (Charlotte, N.C.) 808,575
5. Taunus Corp. (New York, N.Y.) 750,323
6. Wells Fargo & Company (San Fransisco, Calif.) 595,221
7. HSBC North America Inc. (Prospect Heights, Ill.) 493,010
8. U.S. Bancorp (Minneapolis, Minn.) 241,781
9. Bank of the New York Mellon Corp. (New York, N.Y.) 205,151
10. Suntrust, Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.) 178,986
11. Citizens Financial Group, Inc. (Providence, R.I.) 161,759
12. National City Bank (Cleveland, Ohio) 155,046
13. State Street Corp. (Boston, MA) 154,478
14. Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.) 150,608
15. Regions Financial Corp. (Birmingham, Ala.) 144,251
16. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (Pittsburg, Pa.) 140,026
17. BB&T Corp. (Winston-Salem, N.C.) $136,417
18. TD Bank North, INC. (Portland, Maine) 118,171
19. Fifth Third Bankcorp (Cincinatti, Ohio) 111,396
20. Keycorp (Cleveland, Ohio) 101,596
21. Northern Trust Corp. (Chicago, Ill.) 77,480
22. Bancwest Corp. (Honolulu, Hawaii) 74,808
23. Harris Financial Corp. (Wilmington, Del.) 69,172
24. Comerica Incorporated (Dallas, Tex.) 67,167
25. M&T Bank Corp. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 66,085
26. Marshall & Ilsley Corp. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 63,432
27. BBVA USA Bancshares, Inc. (The Woodlands, Tex.) 59,953
28. Unionbancal Corporation (San Fransisco, Calif.) 57,933
29. Huntington Bancshares, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio) 55,985
30. Zions Bancorporation (Salt Lake City, Utah) 53,597

- Richard

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