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Psychology of Trading

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The Psychology of TradingI recently found this interesting blog on the psychology of trading which is appropriately named "TradingPsychology." If you are a hedge fund trader or private equity trader I would recommend taking a look at this blog. Here is the author's description of his blog articles:

Whenever I looked at the trader's coaches
advertisements or blogs, I was appalled at the
nonsense that they were spouting. I actually wrote to
some of them, asking for their credentials and I was
astounded and dismayed to find that they were all NLP
practitioners! Moreover, they all called themselves
"Master NLP Practitioners." None of them had any
academic training in psychology, therapy or
counseling. And all of them claimed to be good
traders, but refused to offer any proof of their
skills. Nor would they allow me to contact any of
their clients to see if I could verify their claims.
That is why I decided to write my blog. I wanted to
offer factual, scientific information on neuroscience
and neuro-cognition, as it could be applied to

Here is the web address of this blog:

- Richard

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