Why Work at a Hedge Fund | Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Hedge Fund Industry

Why Work at a Hedge Fund?

Why is Working a Hedge Fund So Desirable?

While recent market problems mean many in the financial sector will be out of work or taking home smaller bonuses, there’s still wealth waiting for those in hedge funds. That wealth attracts many entrepreneurs, workers and students to hedge fund employment. Why work for a hedge fund?

- Working at a hedge fund requires varied skills and abilities. Whether involved in designing a fund, it strategies or its sales, hedge fund work can be challenging and invigorating. Not only will you manage or oversee a portfolio, you’ll have to make sure you’re serving the interests of you clients while ensuring your corporate practices are tight, legal and profitable.

- Hedge funds can cater to your type of experience. Funds require people skilled in accounting, investment banking, economic analysis and business. There’s room for everyone.

- Unique corporate cultures. The smallest funds may be run by one or two busy traders; the largest by hundreds. Seek the one that’s best for you.

- A base salary will start around six figures.

- And the best is yet to come: the real money’s in the bonus, which can reach another six figures.

The downside? If your fund doesn’t earn, you’ll miss out on a large part of your wages. But that incentive is probably the ideal thing for someone skilled in business, dedicated to performance and eagerly seeking profit.

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By John Krudy

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