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Clients of Watts Capital Partners Allowed to Invest in Hedge Funds

Crystal Capital Partners and Deer Isle Capital are offering clients of Watts Capital Partners, an independent wealth management firm based in New York City, to invest in hedge funds.
Crystal Capital offers financial advisors the ability to develop customiSed hedge fund portfolios tailored to meet each investor’s specific objectives, supported by rigorous due diligence, research, analytics, portfolio optimiSation tools, and operational support.
“Crystal allows our clients to invest in institutional-quality hedge fund managers for much lower investment minimums than would be required otherwise,” says Watts Capital’s CEO Thomas Watts. “For our high net worth clients, Crystal can be the foundation of their hedge fund portfolios.
“We look to alternative investments like hedge funds to boost clients’ risk-adjusted investment returns and help protect clients’ holdings against bear markets in other investments like stocks or bonds.”
“We are excited about our relationship with Watts Capital, as it provides further evidence of our growing recognition as the premier provider of institutional-quality hedge fund portfolios within the financial advisory community. We are confident that our service will enhance Watts Capital’s offering to their clients and will help them meet the needs of each individual client,” Says Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal Capital Partners.
Source: HedgeWeek

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