LiquidMobileSM Launch

The Launch of LiquidMobile, a Mobile-Optimized Risk Analytics App for Hedge Fund Managers in Real-Time

LiquidMobile, a web-based app that allows hedge funds to manage portfolio and risk analysis and reporting across multiple funds on a mobile device in real-time, has been introduced by Liquid Holdings Group, a first-mover technology and services company.
LiquidMobile is engineered for fluidity from the desktop to any mobile device, giving fund managers the ability to easily interact with historical, real-time, and forward-looking P&L, performance, market and liquidity risk, and NAV-light calculations. With mobile-optimised dashboards to monitor investments and investor relationships on the go, LiquidMobileSM represents a major step forward for the hedge fund industry, which today faces rising pressures across transparency, regulations and operating costs.
"Fund managers need secure, real-time access to portfolio and investor information from their mobile device at any time. LiquidMobile does this,” says Brian Storms, CEO of Liquid Holdings. “We are proud to offer an operating system that addresses a manager’s most important requirements – before, during and after the trading day ends. LiquidMobileSM shows what lies ahead as we develop new ways for fund managers to simplify their processes.”
LiquidMobile allows portfolio managers and their teams to dedicate more time to instituting and refining their investment methodology, instead of compiling and searching through data. It allows fund staff to communicate the impact current market conditions have on holdings as they happen, down to the security level, from any location.
Source: HedgeWeek

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