India’s Alternative Investment Funds

India-Focused Alternative Investment Funds more than Double During 2014

During 2014, India’s alternative investment funds (AIFs) or money collected from high net-worth investors to invest primarily in unlisted securities more than doubled, the fastest among all other traditional investment vehicles.
AIF managers raised capital commitments worth Rs.20,457.45 crore from affluent Indian investors till the end of December from Rs.11,186.36 crore in the previous year. Of this money that was committed by investors, asset managers raised funds to the tune of Rs.7,790.52 crore till December compared with Rs.2,883.49 crore collected a year earlier.
Local alternative fund managers, including private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) funds, have followed their overseas counterparts in pouring money into Indian technology and e-commerce start-ups, triggering a boom in early-stage investments. In addition, prospects of a rebound in India’s economic growth have prompted wealthy investors in the country to embrace riskier investments in private equity, real estate and hedge funds in search of higher returns.
“Globally, AIFs represent 10% of an investor’s assets, so that way, India is at a nascent stage,” said Andrew Holland, chief executive officer (investment advisory) at Ambit Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd, which has launched an AIF in the hedge fund space. “In the next 4-5 years, I feel the AIF industry in India will easily cross the $4-5 billion mark in terms of investments made.”
Source: Livemint

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