Hedge Funds' iPad App

Hedge Funds are Now Able to Manage Sophisticated Risk Analysis on iPad App

Investors, consultants and hedge fund managers are now able to manage sophisticated risk analysis via a native iOS Risk-AI Fusion® app.
Risk-AI Fusion® is the first ever, practical software for risk analysis of hedge funds for iPad®. The application provides users with a rich set of tools previously available only on desktop or web-based platforms.
"This version of Fusion App brings Portfolio Analysis and Construction features to iPad®, making Fusion the first fully functional risk management App on iPad®. Investors can now analyze their current portfolios and potential changes to allocations. In fact, Risk-AI Fusion® is not really an App, but a full blown Risk Management Application” said Aleksey Matiychenko, Senior Partner & CEO of Risk-AI, LLC.
Risk-AI Fusion® is available free of charge to all users, however, certain premium features require nominal monthly subscription fees.
Source: PR Web

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