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New York Multi-Family Office Rena Group Changes its Name

New Amsterdam Group, LLC is the new name for a New York-based multi-family office and private asset management group The Rena Group, LLC.
The Company continues to expand and is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Kevin Heaton as a Partner of the firm and Mr. Laurence Norton, Jr. and Mr. Ric Saalwachter as recent additions to its Board of Advisors. Additionally, Mr. Sean Mulrenan has joined the firm as a Senior Analyst.
Kevin Heaton will be focused primarily on real estate asset management. He brings over fifteen years of experience providing counsel to families and privately-held companies invested in both public and private assets with a concentration in real estate. Most recently his efforts have been focused on managing the intricacies of 1031 Exchange transactions as well as the acquisition and "turn-around" of underperforming real estate assets. Starting his career in 1996 as a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch, Mr. Heaton developed effective wealth management strategies for high net worth families and closely-held private companies, including structuring credit facilities, multi-generational transition planning, and transactional advise to families, investors, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). In 2004 Mr. Heaton joined Bucephale Asset Management, a Swiss-based $250 million hedge fund of funds, where he was responsible for developing the firms' presence in the United States.
Source: GlobeNewswire

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