Paulson Meets MBA Students

John Paulson Speaks to MBA Grads about Hedge Fund Compensation

John Paulson, an American hedge fund manager and billionaire who heads Paulson & Co., a New York-based investment management firm he founded, spoke to a room of MBA grads and students on Tuesday evening about hedge fund compensation among other topics.
Paulson, who shot to fame after making billions betting against subprime during the housing crisis, was part of a panel at NYU Stern called the “Future of Finance” with Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat and Warburg Pincus Joe Landry. The Wall Street Journal’s Francesco Guerrera was the moderator.
Earlier on in the panel, Paulson discussed how the hedge fund industry has changed since he launched Paulson & Co., which now manages over $US20 billion of assets.
It’s a big number even by today’s hedge fund size standards. Compared to decades ago, however, it’s absolutely massive.
Paulson pointed out that in the early 90s, a large fund would have about $US100 to $US200 million. These days, the largest funds have billions in assets.
Source: Business Insider Australia

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