European Mutual Fund of Hedge Funds

American Franklin Templeton Introduces European Mutual Fund of Hedge Funds

An American holding company Franklin Templeton Investments, revealed the launch of a European version of its mutual fund of hedge funds.
The Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies SICAV offers European investors access to its multi-manager alternatives fund for the first time. The firm, which bought fund of hedge funds K2 Advisors in 2012, launched the U.S. version of the fund last year.
The SICAV version will be managed by Rob Christian, Brooks Ritchey and David Saunders.
“For investors looking to complement their fixed-income and equity holdings through a diversified, multi-manager, multi-strategy approach with lower correlations to traditional asset classes, we believe this fund can be an important tool in their arsenal,” Christian said.
Source: FINalternatives

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