European Hedge Fund Profits

Louis Bacon Sees His European Hedge Fund Generate Profits of £36.4M in 2013

Louis Bacon, an American hedge fund manager, trader and founder of Moore Capital Management, is seeing his European hedge fund generate profits of £36.4 million in 2013, according to a filing at Companies House.
The UK division was a big donor to the Tory Party before the last election.
Mr Bacon, 58, founded Moore Capital in 1989 after a career on Wall Street and rose to prominence after making a number of successful financial bets linked to the 1991 Gulf War. He hit the headlines recently over a protracted legal feud with the Canadian clothing mogul Peter Nygard over Clifton Bay in the Bahamas where both men own property.
Although yesterday figures cover only the period ending 31 December, they are significant because Moore has since bolstered its ranks in London by appointing Christian Levett, the founder of the commodities hedge fund Clive Capital, which closed last year, as well as his former chief investment officer, Tristan Almada.
Source: The Independent

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