NWQ Fiduciary Fund

NWQ’s Fiduciary Fund Tops Ranking for Asia Pacific

NWQ Fiduciary Fund, an Australian diversified multi-asset class fund offered to Australian investors, has achieved the top ranking for risk-adjusted performance for Asia-Pacific fund-of-hedge-fund investment products from the influential Eurekahedge research house.
The top ranking, achieved at the end of July, compared 52 funds which invest in hedge funds in the Asia-Pacific. Since April 2014 the NWQ Fiduciary Fund has maintained a 95th percentile or better ranking for risk-adjusted performance against 752 global peers, according to Eurekahedge.
NWQ's Fiduciary Fund also ranked as the number one multi-strategy fund-of-hedge fund in Asia Pacific in terms of the absolute value of maximum drawdown which measures the avoidance of capital losses.
Since inception in May 2013, the NWQ Fiduciary Fund has achieved equity-like returns, outperforming the ASX 200 accumulation index, at one-third of the volatility - a risk level comparable with the Bloomberg IG Australian Corporate Bond Index.
NWQ Chief Executive Jonathan Horton said he was delighted with the latest recognition of the success of the group's unique investment strategy focused on the Australian hedge-fund market.
Source: Professional Planner

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