August Lyxor Hedge Fund Index

Solid Performance for Lyxor Hedge Fund Index in August 2014

Lyxor Hedge Fund Index has posted solid returns with an increase of +0.9 percent in August 2014, comparing with +1.7 percent year-to-date.
8 out of 12 Lyxor Indices ended the month of August in positive territory, led by the Lyxor CTA Long Term Index (+5.8%), the Lyxor CTA Short Term Index (+3.2%) and the Lyxor Long Short Equity Market Neutral Index (+2%).
>> The correction which started at the end of July, prolonged until mid-August amid rising geopolitical strains. It was driven by a derisking across all European asset classes and by a repricing of risk premium in the least liquid assets. Equity and credit exposed strategies suffered the most over the period. Hints at an ECB reflation and robust US data triggered a rally. Directional strategies and the ones less exposed to illiquids then benefited the most from the bounce back, which unfolded until the end of the month. CTAs, L/S Equity and Sovereign Fixed Income Arbitrage were the outperformers of the month.
Source: Opalesque

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