Oregon Fund of Hedge Funds

Marc Lorin Joins Portland, Oregon Fund of Hedge Funds as President

Marc Lorin has been appointed by Common Sense, a Portland, Oregon-based fund of hedge funds, as its new president, according to firm’s announcement.
Lorin was a senior director at SocGen derivatives brokerage unit Newedge, where he worked from 1994 until earlier this month (the French bank finalized the acquisition of Chicago-based Newedge in May).
"Common Sense—our brand and product suite—is evolving, leveraging from our 23 years of history and simultaneously looking to the future of alternative investments. The management team has been structured to underline new governance; we are hiring, and will continue to hire, industry veterans," new Common Sense CEO Jonathan Gane, another Newedge veteran, said in an email addressing Lorin's new role.
"Our newly formed advisory board will provide guidance as we expand our product offer and build bespoke solutions for institutional clients. We look forward to announcing more news in the coming months."
Source: CNBC

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