Gottex US and China

Swiss Fund of Hedge Funds Targets Acquisitions in the US and China

Following to Joachim Gottschalk, a CEO of Gottex Fund Management, the Switzerland-based fund of hedge funds is targeting acquisitions in both the U.S. and China.
A deal in Asia could come within six months, he added, while the firm’s partner in China, VStone Asset Management, is seeking the ability to raise money from mainland Chinese investors.
“It’s the U.S. and China where we are looking for further acquisitions and further development on the organic and non-organic front,” Gottschalk said. The firm hopes those purchases will account for about half of a planned US$6.5 billion asset hike, which would give Gottex US$15 billion over the next five years.
“If you look at where the flows of institutions in alternatives go, it goes to the 10 billion-plus investment managers,” Gottschalk said. Gottex is currently just below that threshold, with US$8.5 billion.
Source: FINalternatives

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