Documentary on Global Warming

Global Warming Documentary Sponsored by Hedge Fund Trio

Jeremy Grantham of GMO, Chris Hohn of The Children's Investment Fund Management, and Steve Mandel of Lone Pine Capital are giving millions of dollars to try and change Wall Street missing the biggest economic risk in the world.
Each elite investor has given at least $1.5 million to back a new documentary series focused on the ramifications of global warming, "Years of Living Dangerously," which premiered on Showtime April 13.
The series is a collaboration with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. "Titanic" and "Avatar" director James Cameron, former United Artists head Jerry Weintraub, and actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the executive producers. Each episode features celebrity correspondents such as Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba and Leslie Stahl.
The project blends journalism with activism. Created by former "60 Minutes" producers Joel Bach and David Gelber, the "Years" series tries to show the "current and intensifying effects of climate change on everyday Americans and demonstrate how they can take action and be part of the solution," according to promotional materials.
Source: CNBC

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