US Hedge Fund AUM

American Hedge Funds Control 73 Cents of Every Dollar in AUM

North American hedge funds control 73 cents of every dollar in assets under management, according to Hedge Funds Review, the leading magazine for the alternative investment industry.
eVestment recently completed an analysis of the structural details of funds in its research database with the goal of providing a detailed breakdown of the hedge fund industry as a whole and by regional location of operations. eVestment’s research data set is a combination of its commercial data along with information collected via private portals.
Hedge funds operating out of North America (US or Canada) control 73 cents of every dollar in assets under management (AUM); this is also the only region to comprise a smaller percentage of active funds relative to its active fund AUM (62% versus 73%). Specifically, the US is an AUM bastion, representing 70% of the total, or more than four times that of the next highest nation (the UK).
North America has the widest dispersion of AUM while those with operations domiciled in Africa and the Middle East had the least. By this we mean North America has not only the largest funds in the industry, but also maintains a healthy group of emerging managers.
Source: Risk

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