Highest Hedge Fund AUM

Hedge Fund Industry Assets Reaches $2.03 Trillion

In February, hedge fund industry assets under management have reached a record high of $2.03 trillion, adding 1.79 percent, according to Eurekahedge.
Hedge funds recorded performance-based gains of US$15 billion and net asset inflows of $11 billion during the month.
Long/short equities hedge funds recorded their 15th consecutive month of positive net asset flows, with net capital allocations to the strategy for 2014 standing at $19.0 billion.
On the flipside, trend-following strategies posted their ninth consecutive month of net asset outflows in February, and saw redemptions worth $12.7 billion over this period.
Total assets in North American hedge funds reached a new high of $1.36 trillion with assets growing by $11.1 billion in the first two months of the year.
Source: FINalternatives

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