Boston Hires Scott Nathan

Secretary of State John F. Kerry Hires Scott Nathan

Boston hedge fund executive Scott Nathan, has been hired by Secretary of State John F. Kerry, as a liaison to the business community, assisting American companies that want to do business abroad and also foreign firms that want to do business in the United States.
Nathan, 46, was a partner and chief risk officer at the Baupost Group, Boston’s largest hedge fund firm. A major fund-raiser for President Obama, Nathan is a well-known philanthropist in Boston, focused on environmental causes and serving on a variety of nonprofit boards.
Kerry’s office said he is bringing on the financial executive to play a major role in private sector outreach at the State Department. His title will be special representative for the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs.
“I took this job because Secretary Kerry told me about how committed he is to making the State Department the friend of American businesses abroad, and I wanted to help him and the rest of his economic team put that into action,’’ Nathan said in a statement. “I believe that in today’s interconnected world, foreign policy is economic policy, important for our companies and key to greater stability and prosperity abroad and more jobs and growth at home.’’
Source: Boston Globe

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