Hedge Funds Reach a Record Breaking

Hedge Funds are Expecting to Reach a Record Breaking $3T in 2014

According to Deutsche Bank report released, hedge funds are expecting to reach a record breaking $3 trillion by 2014 year’s end, up from $2.6 trillion in 2013.
The 12th annual Alternative Investor Survey is based on investors’ predictions of $171 billion net inflows and performance-related gains of 7.3% (representing $191 billion).
“Hedge funds continue to establish their growing position within the broader asset management industry, alongside some of the more mainstream asset managers.” Barry Bausano, co-head of global prime finance at Deutsche Bank, said, “The hedge fund industry is predicted to reach a record $3 trillion by 2014 year end driven by significant inflows, most notably from institutional investors.”
Source: HedgeCo

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