Ex-Goldman Joins Hedge Fund

Ex-Goldman Paul Ferrarese Joins New York Hedge Fund

Paul Ferrarese, a former financial advisor with Goldman Sachs & Co., has been appointed by a New York-based hedge fund Whitehaven Asset Management.
Paul Ferrarese was named head of business development at the New York-based hedge fund. He’ll also assist with investment decisions at the year-old firm, which launched a municipal-bond strategy earlier this year.
“Post-2008, with the decline of bond insurance, and the increased headlines in the municipal space, there is significant opportunity for a hedge fund with municipal credit expertise to capitalize on the inefficiencies in the market,” Whitehaven founder Scott Richman told The Wall Street Journal.
Ferrarese was head of municipal bond institutional sales at Goldman. He will join Whitehaven next month.
Source: FINalternatives

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